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OpenDrive(simply "OD" ) is the best place to Store, Backup, Sync and Share your documents, music and pictures. Play music and videos online and hotlink your files on websites and blogs.
The company openly embraces cloud based technology, offering multiple platform applications to provide easy backup and data syncing to the cloud. OpenDrive matches innovation with simplicity by creating one of the easiest to use desktop application as well as a simple, yet powerful, website.

The Main features are:

  • Online storage and backup
  • Hotlinking of files
  • Embedding of photo, video & audio files
  • File and folder sharing
  • File collaboration
  • Public upload to user's folder
  • Version History
  • User management (Account users and groups)
  • Custom subdomain
  • API
  • Multi-language support

  • Custom branding
  • Create and edit documents
  • Music and video player
  • Images and pdf files viewer
  • Unzip zip files
  • Download files in zip
  • Fetching files
  • Sending files and folders
  • Selling files
  • Search files
  • Slide show
  • Sharing files with Facebook and Twitter
  • Secure SSL connection


Kiwi6 is the simplest way to host and share filesHaving trouble moving large files over the internet or just need to get your important files from any computer, anytime, anywhere? Kiwi6 has the solution.Kiwi6 offer two method of upload here registration is optional.

Kiwi6 provide the easiest way to upload and share your files online - with no download timers or popups. The main free Hotlinking,direct linking, inline linking, or remote linking.It support many file types - allow hotlinking of images, free streaming of mp3s, and direct linking to file archives and backups.

The Main features are:

       Free File Hosting

  • Upload up to 100MB files
  • Unlimited mp3 Uploads
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Direct links allowed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited mp3 hosting
        Hotlink mp3s
  • Direct / Hot Link Files
  •  No download timers or popups
  • No signup required!
  • Simple to upload
  • Simple to share

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  1. Free File Host file sharing which are useful me. Thanks for sharing. With the help of this site i have easily upload my files, videos etc...