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 New Delhi, June 22 (IBNS) Petroleum Minister S. Jaipal Reddy on Friday here dedicated an initiative - the 'LPG Portal' - that will host data on the last mile delivery of domestic LPG cylinders, supplied by PSU Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) to nearly 14 crore households in the country.
 News Taken from : www.newswala.com

                          The LPG Transparency portal can be accessed through the official website of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas : www.petroleum.nic.in. Access is also available through respective OMC websites, www.indane.co.in; www.ebharatgas.com and www.hindustanpetroleum.com. Now consumers can now know their individual pattern of LPG usage, LPG booking status, LPG refill history or request for surrender of their connection, highest consumption consumers, subsidy availed etc through a single click.

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