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    How to download any torrent files fast,easy and safe without any torrent client software

    Can i download any torrent files fast,easy and safe without using any bit torrent client software such as µTorrent, Tixati, BitComet,Vuze, ABC ,etc. ? Yes You can, It is possible with the help of  boxopus and Dropbox.

    First you need to create an account in Dropbox . (After create your account Please complete your e-mail verification in your e-mail inbox .It will give you more free space in your Dropbox account). To know more about Dropbox just check it here.

    Then Create an account in Boxopus .Next connect your Dropbox account  with Boxopus.To do this Go to "Profile" and press "Complete linking your Dropbox account"  (You need to type your Dropbox username and password here) .  Now have done almost . [To know more about Boxopus just go "What is Boxopus? "]

    Next step is search any torrent files and download it into your PC as usual you do [You can search most of the torrent files in www.torrenz.com , thepiratebay.se ] .Then browse it via boxopus and click ""Put in My Dropbox" button.

    It will grab your torrent file and put it in to your Dropbox in a little time.There you can directly download your files at what time you wish.It is very fast and safe.

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