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    What is boxopus? How to download torrent file directly ?

    Boxopus downloads torrent file directly to your Dropbox . No torrent client needed. Boxopus is one of the kind. He lives in the bottomless abyss of the Internet. He can stretch his tentacles and reach any content on the number of torrent-sites. Just feed him with a torrent! Whenever you do it, he'll grab the file you need and put it in your Dropbox in a little time. You'll like Boxopus if you prefer to store files on a cloud instead of your computer. From now on you don't have to download files yourself, - you don't even need to have a torrent-client! Boxopus will do the job for you with little effort! You won't find such the creature anywhere else, but here! Make friends with Boxopus and you'll be able to download and reach your files from anywhere from any device.

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