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    Samsung's Released "ultrasonic" phone cover guides blind people

    Samsung,blind,ultrasonic acceseries

    Samsung's Released "ultrasonic" phone cover guides blind people

    Samsung released three new tools to help blind people make their way through the world with its Galaxy Core Advance smartphone.
    The three accessibility tools - Ultrasonic Cover, Optical Scan Stand and Voice Label - are designed to be affordable add-ons for the Core Advance.

    The Ultrasonic Cover helps users navigate while walking around. The device is held out in front of the user, and gives feedback - either by vibration in the handset or text-to-speech - when an object is in their path.
    Samsung,blind,ultrasonic acceseries

    The Optical Scan Stand reads text to users. The smartphone is positioned in the device, which actives an app to read any text placed in the stand to the user.

    "The Optical Scan Stand is particularly useful when a consumer is alone, automatically initiating the application to read text as soon as paper is sensed on the stand," Samsung said.
    Samsung,blind,ultrasonic acceseries

    The Voice Label is an NFC tag that can be placed on objects, letting users make notes and play them back, such as to identify an item or save instructions for how to operate it.
    The tools are currently only available for the Galaxy Core Advance, a 4.7in Android smartphone launched last year and specifically designed to offer support to people with impaired vision.

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