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    Avaya Switch 5650 TD Basic configuration,hard reset,default admin user,LACP

    Avaya Switch 5650 td

    After connect console cable and power on switch.

    Then in open serial port in putty and Press Ctrl + Y

    Configure IP address and access web interface.

    Default Admin user for Avaya switch is : RW  (for read and write)
    For read only user : RO

    For hard reset Avaya Switch 5650 td

    Connect putty console cable and turn on switch and immediately press Ctrl+C wait for new menu popup

    in menu choose 5 the option (Reinitialize conf)
    erase all configuration and save and restart

    Change switch name: 

    #snmp-server name Switch01

    To create new VLAN

    #vlan create 100 name VOICE type port

    #show vlan

    vlan members remove 1 2,49,50

    #vlan members add 100 2,49,50

    (config)#interface vlan 100
    (config)#ip address
    (config)#ip routing
    (config)#vlan ports 2,49,50 tagging tagall
    (config)#show run module vlan
    (config)#interface fastEthernet 49,50
    (config-if)#lacp key 10
    (config-if)#lacp mode active
    (config-if)#lacp timeout-time short
    (config-if)#lacp aggregation enable
    (config)#show run module lacp

    ! Embedded ASCII Configuration Generator Script
    ! Model = Ethernet Routing Switch 5650TD
    ! Software version = v6.2.0.008
    ! Displaying only parameters different to default
    configure terminal
    ! *** LACP ***
    interface fastEthernet ALL
    lacp key port 49-50 10
    lacp timeout-time port 49-50 short
    lacp aggregation port 49-50 enable

    (config)#show lacp port 49,50

                                      Admin Oper         Trunk Partner
    Port Priority Lacp    A/I Timeout Key   Key   AggrId Id    Port    Status
    ---- -------- ------- --- ------- ----- ----- ------ ----- ------- ------
    49   32768    Off     A   Short   10    0     0                    Down
    50   32768    Off     A   Short   10    0     0                    Down

    For Shutdown 

    #shutdown minutes-to-wait 1

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